# Provisioning your trackers on ThingPark Enterprise

This task consists of configuring your trackers on ThingPark Enterprise to forward all packets to and from the application server provided by Actility on its platform.

# Creating an application

You need to create a ThingPark Location application and associate it with your Abeeway devices.

  1. Log in to ThingPark Community platform using https://community.thingpark.org/ (opens new window) and click Sign up to create a free account. Then use this example URL to log in to your ThingPark Enterprise account: https://community.thingpark.io/tpe/#/dashboard (opens new window)
  2. In ThingPark Enterprise, select Applications > Create, then click Generic Applications.
  3. In Set Your Application, enter or select the following required information:
Name ThingPark Location
URL https://abeeway-eu-eco.thingpark.com:50540 (opens new window)
Content Type XML
Tunnel Interface Authentication Key e8-95-9e-26-fd-9b-ce-70-06-05-a9-cf-e7-4d-53
  1. Click Save.

# Creating your tracker

To provision your tracker on the ThingPark Enterprise platform, you need to create a device. Your tracker is a LoRaWAN® OTAA device.
At the same time, you will associate it with the ThingPark Location application you have created.

Before you begin

Get the DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey of the tracker provided in your delivery note.

  1. In ThingPark Enterprise, select Devices > Create, then click Abeeway.
  2. In Enter Your Device Information, apply the configuration corresponding to your tracker as follows:
Model Model of the tracker. If any, select a tracker model compatible with your ISM band (EU/AS/US).
Name A name that helps you identify easily the tracker on your IoT network and ThingPark Enterprise portal.
DevEUI LoRaWAN® globally unique identifier of the tracker. Provided within the tracker delivery note, it is composed of 16 hexadecimal digits (0 to 9, and A to F).
Activation mode Over The Air Activation (OTAA) with local JOIN server
JoinEUI (AppEUI) Global application identifier that uniquely identifies the application provider of the tracker. Provided within the tracker delivery note, it is composed of 16 hexadecimal digits (0 to 9, and A to F).
  1. In Associate Your Device With Your Application, select theThingPark Location application you have created to connect it to your tracker.

  2. In Set Your Device Location, Mode must be set to No location.

  3. Click Save.

    • The device is displayed in the devices list.
    • It is ready to communicate and has been associated with ThingPark Location.
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