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ThingPark Location overview

ThingPark Location is a LPWAN-enabled geolocation service that provides IoT applications with the optimal position of assets and/or people, ensuring:

  • A seamless outdoor/indoor positioning

  • The lowest energy consumption possible

This solution is the combination of low-power multi-technology Abeeway trackers with ThingPark X location engine, which communicates over a LoRaWAN® network, in order to process the positioning information at the edge of the LPWA network. img Abeeway trackers are LoRaWAN® devices ensuring asset localization by leveraging multiple geolocation technologies: GPS, Low Power-GPS (LP-GPS), Wi-Fi sniffing, LoRaWAN®, and BLE radios. Multiple form factors are available to match the wide variety of vertical applications.

TP X Location Engine is a multi-technology solver that computes and exposes the best location information possible by combining the various information transmitted by the tracker. The location engine also exposes a set of APIs to interact with the trackers – for example to request a position, change configuration, etc.

Abeeway Device Manager (ADM) is TP X location Engine's companion application to efficiently manage your fleet of trackers. With ADM you can:

  • Manage your trackers configuration

  • Visualize your trackers on a map

  • Assess your trackers' behavior and performance, visualizing their key metrics at a glance.