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Compact tracker

The Abeeway compact tracker is a multi-mode tracker that uses 3 replaceable AA format batteries for long battery lifetime and easy replacement. It combines GPS, Low Power-GPS (LP-GPS) (an ultra-low power assisted GPS patented by Abeeway that also optimizes Time-to-First Fix in difficult conditions), Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN® and BLE radios with embedded sensors to support accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation. This tracker is equipped with a rugged waterproof casing which is designed to withstand harsh surroundings enabling seamless asset tracking and management in any industrial environment – whether it is for heavy duty assets, inventory or livestock.

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Key product features

The Abeeway compact tracker provides you with the flexibility you need to adapt your tracker's behavior to your use case, selecting the right operating mode and geolocation technology.

Reed switch

The compact tracker is equipped with a magnet-activated reed switch (see figure above on the placement of reed switch on the tracker) which requires the end user to place and remove a magnet (in a specific sequence), next to the Compact tracker arrow to exit the shipping mode and trigger the LoRaWAN Join procedure.

Key precautions for activation of the Compact tracker with a magnet

  • Do not attempt to activate the Compact tracker when in proximity of strong magnetic fields (ie, magnetic mounts)
  • Use a strong enough magnet, and make sure you know where are the poles. A magnet that has been successfully tested with the reed switch can be purchased from ThingPark Market
  • You should always start the sequence with the magnet far away from the tracker to avoid false detection of the reed switch

Magnet sequence to activate the compact tracker

For MCU FW 2.2 and above, you need to carry out the following sequence with the magnet next to the reed switch:

  • The sequence below can be carried out multiple times without any interruption
  • The latest compact trackers from the factory are activated by default in the join state. They need not be activated. However, if you do the above magnet sequence, it will restart the join procedure. You can also request Abeeway support if the tracker is activated or not before being shipped to the customer.
  • Once the compact tracker is activated with magnet, it will make LoRaWAN joins indefinately. There is delay between different join attempts which range from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • A long activation of the reed switch (between 3 to 6 seconds)
  • A long time without activation of the reed switch (between 3 to 6 seconds)
  • A long activation of the reed switch (between 3 to 6 seconds)

The example video below demonstrates the operation.

Battery Passivation

Lithium batteries are subject to passivation if unused for few months. The maximum recommended storage temperature is 30degC for 3 months unconnected period. Before inserting new batteries, you need to de-passivate all of them by connecting a 100 ohm resistor in pulses for a total of 30s.

Multiple operating modes

  • Shipping: The tracker is set to Shipping mode when leaving the factory, for safe transport and minimum power consumption. You need to activate it before first use as outlined above.
  • Motion tracking : Tracker reports real-time position only when motion is detected. This is the default configuration that you can discover applying instructions given in this guide.
  • Permanent tracking : Tracker reports periodic real time positions.
  • Start/End motion tracking : Tracker reports positions only at the start and end events of the motion.
  • Position on-demand : Tracker sends its position only when requested from the end-user (very low power operating mode). The position request can be made from the geolocation backend platform.
  • Activity tracking : Monitor activity rate with embedded sensors.
  • Standby : The tracker sends periodically short LoRaWAN® messages, called heartbeat, at the configured interval. This provides periodic slots during which it is possible to send LoRaWAN commands to the tracker, such as configuration commands or on-demand positions (using the configuration set for "side operations").
  • For more information on the battery lifetime of the tracker, visit here
  • For more information on tracker documentation, visit here.

Geolocation technologies

  • GPS : For precise outdoor positioning
  • Low Power-GPS (LP-GPS) : For power-efficient outdoor and daylight indoor positioning LP-GPS is an assisted-GPS technology optimized specifically for LPWAN networks, patented by Abeeway. It dramatically reduces Time to First Fix, even in poor radio conditions, and results in much improved battery lifetime, particularly for indoor/outdoor mixed use cases when the GPS frequently gets out of sync or operates in low SNR conditions.
  • Wi-Fi : For indoor and outdoor location services in urban areas It leverages the Wi-Fi access point scanning capabilities of the compact tracker.
  • BLE : For indoor location, for example as complement to WiFi to precisely spot specific locations, for coarse location in a building (to identify rooms or danger/forbidden zones) or as main indoor location technology using server-side triangulation (provided by ThingPark X Location Engine)

Other features

  • Temperature monitoring
  • LoRaWAN® Class A radio
  • Dust-proof and waterproof ( IP65 )
  • Geofencing zone detection
  • Edge computing for Proximity detection and exposure assessment
  • Temperature monitoring
  • BLE Communication link with a phone
  • ATEX Zone 0/2 and IECEx Certified for explosive atmosphere (see Datasheet, specific SKUs only)
  • Firmware Upgrade via USB or Bluetooth
  • BLE scan function for inventory of tools and accessories
  • Indoor BLE/WiFi fingerprinting with HERE Tracking or Combain (requires subscription)
  • Indoor BLE based geolocation with Quuppa Intelligent Location (requires Quuppa infrastructure)
  • BLE based safe/hazard zone detection

Standards and certifications

  • LoRa Alliance: EU868, US915, AS923, AU915
  • Radio: EC, FCC, IC, TELEC
  • ATEX zone 0 (ordering option)
    • II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga Ta -20 °C ... +40 °C
    • II 1D Ex ia IIIC T135°C Da Ta -20 °C ... +40 °C
  • ATEX zone 2 (ordering option)
    • II 3G Ex ic nA IIC T4 Gc Ta -20 °C ... +40 °C
    • II 3D Ex ic tc IIIB T135°C Dc Ta -20 °C ... +40 °C
  • IECEx (ordering option)
    • Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
    • Ex ia IIIC T135°C Da
  • The latest information on certification can be found here.
  • The tracker is resistant to water but must never be placed either fully/partially submerged in water or under the influence of high pressure water spray jets for significantly long periods of time. To avoid water entering in the casing, the tracker must not be placed upside down.
  • In excessilvely hot weather, we recommend to put the tracker in the shade to avoid overheating.
  • The warranty of the tracker is avoid if used incorrectly.


The datasheet of the tracker can be downloaded from here.